About Me

If you've found yourself on this page I'm going to assume that you're slightly curious about whose blog this belongs to. Well let me not keep you waiting any longer and allow me to introduce myself..

My name is Sheren and I'm 24 years old young. I'm half Italian and half Syrian and I currently reside in London. I love all things fashion and I strive to forge a career within this industry. I graduated from University in the summer of 2013 and currently working full-time. 

J'adore Amo ♥
Same meaning. Just in Italian.

Fashion // Cultures // Travelling // Photography // Reggae & Afrobeats // Food // Recycling // Quotations // Old Hollywood glam // Cat-eye (sun)glasses // Laughing // Sunsets // Ice-cream // Coffee // MAC lipsticks // YouTube // Mafia films // The Vampire Diaries // Talking in weird accents // High-heels // Zara // Going out for dinner // Talking to a loved one into the early hours of the morning

 5 random facts
  • I'm a very reflective person and can often be found in deep thought. Although this isn't always a good thing it has enabled me to grow to be a very understanding and compassionate young woman. 
  • Considering that I'm sat next to a window I quite enjoy long journeys as I can pop in my headphones and completely zone out just watching the world go by.
  • I have a strong desire to travel as much of this beautiful world as possible. I particularly enjoy visiting small and old-fashioned like villages and towns, as they are often the places that are overlooked, yet hold some of the most breathtaking scenery. 
  • I once lost a game of Blackjack so had to kiss a random bald man's head. Did I do it? Hell yeah baby.
  • I’m forever at Starbucks slurping on a coffee frappuccino or a caffè latte depending on the season. 

Ciao! & lots of 


  1. Love your blog - super duper cute! Also, your hair is gorgeous!

    Mikéla Davelyn

  2. Love finding beautiful bloggers like yourself and spreading the love!
    xx Gypsy Tan
    Blog | Instagram | Blogloving

  3. I adore your blog, always lovely posts and you're a stunning girl <3 x


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